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Created to enhance your
Business and Non-Profit goals.

Animal57 is an Interactive Software Development, Design and Consulting Group.



Animal57 is a small digital agency that puts results above all else, and this is our calling card. We know a pretty website will only get you so far. If the needle isn’t moving, it’s all for naught. Your business needs will always come before our need to impress. When your goals are successful. So is ours.

The Founder Charlie Southard brings together over a decade of user experience projects in a multitude of leadership, project management, and startup insight driven solutions!

The Boston area native and graduate of University of New Hampshire, Boston University and Lesley University, Charlie is an accomplished communicator, storyteller, advocate and strategist. Charlie also dislikes writing in the third person and prefers making short and sweet. Whenever possible industry jargon will be reworded to explain complex problems and ideas are simple and humanizing.


The design process is more than a shiny eye candy-like website result or elaborate wireframe and user flow map.

As an user interface designer, artist and universal design consultant, Charlie knows the difference between composing contemporary art, advocacy campaigns, ux wireframes and designing web apps.

Each has a separate intention and goal and this separates Animal57 from other studios.

Software and Web Development

The greatest sketches, ideas and discussions can come from napkins to hotel pads.

They can be rendered in fancy 3D modeled mockups.

Development is where design and ideas coalesce to create structure, interactivity and real-word products or services.

The material world that we see and interact with, was once just a thought that evolved from an idea into reality.

From the computer you're looking at, to the construction of the floorboards beneath you, to the car you drive home. They all are ideas built on layers of ideas.

Builders, engineers, craftsman and developers took ideas and made them a reality. We utilize a variety of tools to accomplish different goals and will integrate each client into the process.

Nothing is developed without multiple iterations, feedback, constructive analysis and experience. We are here to help.