What we do

Animal57's web development process has a flexible phased workflow that allows us to focus on what you're looking for and deliver you what you need, on time and on budget.

01 Project discovery

We begin by explaining the process, gathering an understanding of your business model, your workflow and goals. Our purpose is to build a “voice” for your vision, whether it be an iOS app, logo, interactive website or illustration.

02 Conceptualize

03 Design

A design is more than a “pretty visual”. Design is a creative approach to problem solving.

A design incorporates some of the following:

04 Develop

As digital craftsmen, we are proud to bring an idea into a digital experience or product.

This phase includes:

05 Test

After the site has all the visual elements and copy in place, we will begin testing on a stage.


Deep breath.

After we have thoroughly stress tested the application or website and you are pleased with its performance - it’s go time!

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